PVP Team

Search and retrieve PVP Team data from The Lodestone.

Search for pvp team on The Lodestone. This parses the lodestone in real time so it will be slow for uncached responses. All search queries are cached for 1 hour. This does not search XIVAPI so pvp team found may not be on the service and will be added when requested by their specified lodestone ID.


Param Description

The name to search for, you can use `+` for spaces or let the API handle it for you.

Searching name will automatically add quotations, this is to ensure better matching against short/common named characters.


*(optional)* The server to search against, this is case sensitive - You can obtain a list of valid servers via: Server List

You can provide a data center here, eg: server=_dc_Chaos


*(optional)* Search or move to a specific page.

There is currently no way to change the amount of results back returned. It will always be 50 per page with a maximum of 20 pages. This is due to how Lodestone works.

Get PVP Team data, due to the nature of availability on the service this endpoint will return either populated data or nothing, you will have to check the `Info` response to see the current state.