Game Data

Obtain game content data of Final Fantasy XIV.

If you find anything odd and want to look at the raw CSV values, visit: CSV Files

View a list of available content that is accessible in the API. Content is added rapidly when discovered and mapped to the SaintCoincach Schema, with huge effort from the community there is a lot of information availble. Have fun hunting through!

/[content-name] #

Returns a paginated list of content for the specified Content Name


    "pagination": {
        "page": 1,
        "page_next": 2,
        "page_prev": false,
        "page_total": 94,
        "results": 250,
        "results_per_page": 250,
        "results_total": 23500
Field Details
page The current page you have queried
page_next The next page you can query, if `false` there is no next page and you're at the end
page_prev The previous page you can query, if `false` there is no previous page and you're at the start
results The total number of results in the current page
results_per_page Your current maximum results a page can have
results_total The total amount of results for the specified content


Param Description

Limit the number of items returned by the API.

  • Default: 100
  • Max: 3000
ids Filter the ids down if you want data for a specific series of items.

/[content-name]/[id] #

Returns information about a specific object including extended information.

I should write a bit more about this, it's kind of a big deal.

A list of official: North America, Japan and Europe

Another list of servers grouped by their data center.