Free Company

Search and retrieve Free Company data from The Lodestone, provides useful information such as profile information and member lists.

Search for a character on **The Lodestone**. This does not search XIVAPI but instead it goes directly to lodestone so the response will be "real-time". Responses are cached for 1 hour, it is important to know that Lodestone has a ~6 hour varnish and CDN cache.


Param Description

The name of the free company to search, you can use `+` for spaces or let the API handle it for you. If you search very short names you will get lots of responses. This is an issue with The Lodestone and not much XIVAPI can do about it at this time.


*(optional)* The server to search against, this is case sensitive - You can obtain a list of valid servers via:


*(optional)* Search or move to a specific page.

Get Free Company data, due to the nature of availability on the service this endpoint will return either populated data or nothing, you will have to check the `Info` response to see the current state.


Param Description
extended If set to 1, the API will return more data in the response by extending out the data IDs to useful objects.

By default only the `Character` data will return, you can request more data using the `data` query.


Pass a long a comma separated list of codes that relate to specific data sets you would like to fetch, these are as follows:

Code Meaning
FCM Free Company Members (if added to the system)