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The XIVAPI provides a massive amount of FINAL FANTASY XIV game data in a JSON format via a REST API. You can fetch information on all sorts of game content that has been discovered and mapped in the SaintCoinach Schema. In addition it provides Character, Free Company, Linkshell, PvPTeams and Lodestone information!

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Patreon Support!

By contributing a small amount every month you support development on XIVAPI and Mogboard.com - You'll receive perks for both sites, recognition on discord and appreciation from the devs heart! If you want to know how much things cost; view the live pricing page.

API Environments

Production Staging Local
https://xivapi.com https://staging.xivapi.com http://xivapi.local
Please use HTTPS for all queries. HTTP is not supported and could be shut off at anytime.

To use the API you will need to create a developer app. This provides you with a public and private key that grants access to the API. It will also provide flexiable rate-limiting and support.

Open Source!

All of XIVAPI is open source, go nuts!

Github xivapi/xivapi.com

Saint Coinach


SaintCoinach is a tool that allows you to extract data from the FFXIV Game files, it can provide you with CSV data, Icons and Maps. It is very useful if you wish to build a FFXIV fan site or application!


The schema is a huge JSON file that describes the EXD files found in the FFXIV game files. Many community members take time to datamine and understand the way the EXD files are mapped and this file helps describe it in a universal format.