Search and retrieve Linkshell data from The Lodestone.

Lodestone Errors
If you receive a HTTP error code response from any of these endpoints, it is very likely from Lodestone itself and not part of XIVAPI. Some common responses are: 404 Not Found / 429 Too Many Requests / 503 Maintenance


Param Description

The name to search for, you can use `+` for spaces or let the API handle it for you.

Searching name will automatically add quotations, this is to ensure better matching against short/common named characters.


*(optional)* The server to search against, this is case sensitive - You can obtain a list of valid servers via: Server List

You can provide a data center here, eg: server=_dc_Chaos


*(optional)* Search or move to a specific page.

There is currently no way to change the amount of results back returned. It will always be 50 per page with a maximum of 20 pages. This is due to how Lodestone works.