Search and retrieve character data from The Lodestone. Providing useful information such as character profile data, minions and mounts obtained, achievements obtained and their relative dates. Character friends, their free company, pvp team and much more!

Lodestone Errors
If you receive a HTTP error code response from any of these endpoints, it is very likely from Lodestone itself and not part of XIVAPI. Some common responses are: 404 Not Found / 429 Too Many Requests / 503 Maintenance


Param Description

The name to search for, you can use `+` for spaces or let the API handle it for you.

Searching name will automatically add quotations, this is to ensure better matching against short/common named characters.


*(optional)* The server to search against, this is case sensitive - You can obtain a list of valid servers via: Server List

You can provide a data center here, eg: server=_dc_Chaos


*(optional)* Search or move to a specific page.

There is currently no way to change the amount of results back returned. It will always be 50 per page with a maximum of 20 pages. This is due to how Lodestone works.

/character/[lodestone_id] #

Get Character data, this is parsed straight from Lodestone in real-time. The more data you request the slower the entire request will be. AC and FCM are done asynchronously.


Param Description
extended If set to 1, the API will return more data in the response by extending out the data IDs to useful objects.

By default the `Character`, `ClassJobs`, `Minion` and `Mount` data will return, you can request more data using the `data` query.


Pass a long a comma separated list of codes that relate to specific data sets you would like to fetch, these are as follows:

AC Achievements
FR Friends List
FC Free Company
FCM Free Company Members
MIMO Mounts & Minions