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How In-Game Icon IDs work

In the in-game files, the filename for icons is very stripped. The psudo logic for this is: You can find XIVAPI's implementation on Github.com.

If you need all the icons, please download: SaintCoinach.Cmd.zip, run SaintCoinach.Cmd.exe and type ui then press enter. This will give you ALL the in-game icons. If you want maps then run maps and press enter. This will be faster and more up to date than getting them from XIVAPI.

// first we need to add padding to the icon_id
if icon_id length >= 6
    icon_id = pad(5, "0", pad_left)
    icon_id = '0' + pad(5, "0", pad_left)

// Now we can build the folder from the padded icon_id
if icon_id length >= 6
    folder_id = icon_id[0] + icon_id[1] + icon_id[2] + '000
    folder_id = 0 + icon_id[1] + icon_id[2] + '000

path = folder_id / icon_id .png


  • Get icon id: icon_id = 26039
  • Is less than 5? YES
  • Folder: 0 26 000 (the 0 we added)
  • Filename: 026039
  • Result: 026000/026039.png

Where are the awesome HQ icons from Lodestone?

I am working to get these into XIVAPI. These are hard to obtain as the URLs are hashed and the Lodestone ID for an item is also hashed. I can obtain the Lodestone ID from Companion and use this to parse the HQ icons file path. (The Icon URL in Companion is low res).

I am also planning on provided a waifu2x version of all icons since they do come out rather well.

Awesome Class/Job Icons

Thanks to Companion App we can get some awesome Class/Job icons in 256px PNG or full SVG.

Check out the repository: xivapi/classjob-icons

Icon Sets