Mappy Data

XIVAPI provides map data that has been gathered together by the FFXIV community using a tool known as Mappy! With these coordinates you can get the exact map position in-game or on a pixel map for various different content such as NPCs, Enemies and Gathering nodes.

Mappy is a very basic windows application that reads your FFXIV Game Memory to retrieve data about entities around you, for example if you are next to a Monster in the open world then the application will record its position, HP, MP, TP, Level, etc. All this data is stored into JSON files in the apps directory which you can open in any text editor to view. Since it is JSON you can use it in any shape or form you would like.

You can find the full source code for mappy on Github:

Mappy does not send any personal information to XIVAPI, everything you see in the JSON files inside the `/log` directory is what is sent to the server, and this is only if you have an authorised dev apps key!

Requirements: PC, Dx11, 64bit.

Download Map Data

Use as you like!

MemoryData is various other information found in memory, some of it may be faulty right now (eg all results are 0) as Patch updates do break things. However if it looks correct, it likely is. You can link MemoryData to MapPositions via the `hash` as well as other content via thei respective IDs.

As map data is very static (only changes when SE change something on an update) there is not much reason to go back to old positions to update. The only real exception is F.A.T.Es where the position can only be recorded when the F.A.T.E is active.