Below are the costs for XIVAPI & MogBoard, to be fully transparent in what patreon money goes towards the below prices are updated in real-time against any server infrastructure changes.

Patreon Support!

By contributing a small amount every month you support development on XIVAPI and - You'll receive perks for both sites, recognition on discord and appreciation from the devs heart!

Total Monthly Cost: $290

Digital Ocean

Hosts the main site ( as well as Search and Market Data.

Volumes: These are storage devices attached to the servers. Vol01 is used for XIVAPI Character, FC, LS and PVP data. Vol02 is used for Companion Market Data.


Lodestone tracking and auto-parsing servers (Characters, FC, LS and PVP Teams), these are on Vultr as Tokyo servers are required.

Companion Accounts

In order to provide market data, I have to have several accounts paid every month. To cover these, a $100 has been added to the costs. To avoid giving away too much information about how the system works, the exact number can't be informed.

Digital Ocean Vultr


  • $80 - xivapi-companion-v2
  • $80 - xivapi-v3



  • $5.00 - AutoAddManualUpdate
  • $5.00 - AutoUpdateAchievements
  • $5.00 - AutoUpdateAutoFriends
  • $5.00 - AutoUpdateFCLSPVP
  • $5.00 - Patreon
  • $5.00 - RabbitMQ

SE Accounts
  • ~$100 / month