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The do's and don't of API usage!

  • DO build awesome stuff, even if it already exists.
  • DO ask for help if you want any advice! jump on discord, we're friendly!
  • DO cache your requests, consider your queries and app flow.
  • DO get in touch if you want any custom data, this is a community driven api
  • DO NOT crawl/scrape the API to try get every bit of information.
    You will be banned. Learn about data-mining here.
  • DO NOT spam the api, you will be rate limited anyway so save yourself the hassle! :)

Worried about being banned? - Dont, unless you do some serious crawling you wont be. If you make something cool and it goes viral, this is not the same behaviour as crawlers/bots/scrapers.

Why do I need a key? - You need a key to access the entire API. This is so the service can be monitored for spam/abuse. XIVAPI is for everyone! Plus you get sweet rate limits and analytics.

What if someone steals my key? - You can change your key at anytime and break their app. Then go tell them to get their own key, it costs nothing.